CertifiedTrue is entering an exciting phase

CertifiedTrue founders attended a fine dinner and networking event last night billed as Cryptooracle.io, Dispatch Labs & Swarm Dinner. Truly impressed with the caliber of the attendees. A very interesting and eclectic crowd and a very enjoyable evening. CryptoOracle host James Haft was a very gracious host spending some time with CertifiedTrue Founder Stephen Graves as did the Managing Director of the Satisgroup.io Tim Furey. Both provided invaluable insights into marketplace developments and ICO trends. Also met with one of the principals from Swarm.fund and found their model to be quite interesting. Still wrapping my head around it. I get the sense that the marketplace has started to separate the wheat from the chafe. CertifiedTrue is entering an exciting phase in its development of its own proprietary block chain and SAAS product. The ink isn’t even dry. Exciting!