CertifiedTrue Dev Update #001

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The latest pre-alpha development version implements Hyperledger Sawtooth Seth (an abstracted implementation of Hyperledger Burrow), an EVM based blockchain system. As a first step of integration, we introduce the CertNet v0.1 of it’s PoCA (Proof of Certified Access) Transaction Processor. The python version implements the Hyperledger Sawtooth SDK and uses protobufs to enable configuration.

The Transaction Processor is the communication bridge between the Client Application and the Blockchain/Smart Contract. Here the TP encodes and signs the query/payload and all the function calls that are submitted to the Blockchain/EVM in signed Batches.

The batches are nothing but a set of signed transactions that are submitted to the Smart Contract which in-turn attains consensus on finality. The transactions then become immutable upon consensus. The TP’s enable a communication channel that allows the client app to communicate with the deployed Smart Contract.

The current CertNet TP implements the initial PoCA verification steps like account declaration, and various Network Tests like Data Latency and Ping Distance to classify healthy nodes in the network. These tests are intended to orchestrate a functional system that meets the standards set forth by CertifiedTrue.