Secure your Digital Integrity with PhotoProof.

Reliable evidence that creates trust.

CertifiedTrue redefines photo documentation and visual inspection in a secure process that ensures captured images are trustworthy as evidence. See how CertifiedTrue can help your business.

PhotoProof creates
indelible, immutable and defensible evidence

The Problem

The ability to create and manipulate photographs and videos has become ever easier even as it has become even more difficult to detect in an increasingly digital world. This is a real problem for organizations and businesses that rely on images being trustworthy as part of their day-to-day operations. Evidence submitted in court or arbitration has to have a ready witness to attest to the particulars of any image. But what if there was a better way?

Our Solution

CertifiedTrue’s PhotoProof  provides a secure process to capture, certify and verify digital photos and videos with their metadata to be authentic, accurate and original using 4th generation blockchain inspired technology.

Your Opportunity

The usecases abound for PhotoProof to safeguard your digital integrity with almost any application that requires reliable photo documentation. By going beyond guaranteeing pixel-perfect images to create an artifact with unquestionable provenance, CertifiedTrue gives you the evidence you need to reduce risk and ensure trust in transactions and relationships.

Our Services

Image verification is needed in almost every industry.
Regardless of what your application needs are, our PhotoProof platform can provide the certainty you need.


Police Force

Insurance Carriers

Government agencies

Law firms


Real Estate

See how easy it is to get PhotoProof verified.

CertifiedTrue’s PhotoProof establishes an unbreakable chain of custody from collection to cloud storage to the courthouse steps – with assurance that your CertifiedTrue image is indelible, immutable and defensible evidence.

Our process starts with the capture of the image from our PhotoProof app. That unique ID is recorded on our registry and the image is uploaded in the cloud to a secure archive where you can manage, annotate and assign them to clients or cases.

When needed for court, simply print out the CertifiedTrue report with the photo and details and provide the file – and anyone will be able to verify the image and its ID on our website.

For law firms, this certification and verification of photo evidence complements the existing case management system while keeping firms and their clients safe, lowering costs of evidence and even providing new billing opportunities for firms, who can pass the cost of our service to their clients.

We provide a secure service that enables anyone to capture, manage and authenticate digital photos that can stand up in court.

The PhotoProof process









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