Ensuring your Digital Integrity
by verifying provenance and authenticity


CertifiedTrue’s PhotoProof technology certifies and verifies digital media and its metadata to be authentic, accurate and original – providing assurance that from the time of capture you have evidence that can be cryptographically proven.


Images can no longer be trusted in a digital world

A picture may still be worth a thousand words but how do you know it is legitimate? The answer is, you don’t.  This creates serious challenges, making it difficult to rely on digital images as evidentiary documentation when making business and legal decisions.

Photo Editing

Changing pixels in the image to edit or remove content, including objects, lighting and clarity.

Altering Metadata

Changing or removing timestamps and info related to the capturing device that is recorded and embedded into the image.

Repurposing Images

Intentionally re-using existing images to support a false narrative and represent them as original.

Deep Fakes

Artificial intelligence can be used to manipulate existing pictures and videos or wholly create new ones

Geo Spoofing

Changing or removing location information initially recorded by the capture device when taking the image.


Taking a picture of an existing picture and representing it as original.


Provable provenance with a cryptographic fingerprint

CertifiedTrue’s PhotoProof platform enables the creation of photographic evidence that can be trusted.

PhotoProof ensures the accuracy, authenticity and originality of digital images from the moment they are taken by capturing the unique cryptographic fingerprint of the image and its metadata (who took it, when and where it was taken, etc) and then recording that CertifiedTrue ID on an immutable registry.

If even a single pixel or piece of data is changed, then the image cannot be verified. At the same time, people can confidently share the image with any necessary parties, secure in the knowledge that all are working with the original “proof” and that it has not been surreptitiously altered or edited.

Instead of the near impossible task of detecting fakes, CertifiedTrue provides assurance that you have credible proof from the time the shutter snaps.

How does PhotoProof technology work?

CertifiedTrue’s technology secures your digital integrity with the assurance that your CertifiedTrue image is indelible, immutable, and thoroughly defensible evidence.

Our PhotoProof platform enables you to capture tamperproof photos that can be easily verified by others. Simply use our mobile app to take a photo from your phone, where it is cryptographically sealed, then stored in a secure archival vault in the cloud, and recorded on an immutable ledger with all its provenance (time, date, location, etc.). 

Most importantly, anyone can use the reference number or the photo file to verify it on If so much as a single pixel or any bit of reference data is changed, the image can no longer be verified. Businesses can further manage the images in the archive by adding tags and notes or assigning them to cases, etc.

PhotoProof secures your digital integrity