Trusted Image Verification
Authentic. Accurate. Original.

Our Focus

Create trusted photos from your phone​

Our CertifiedTrue mobile app makes it easy to take attested, geo-tagged, time-stamped, blockchain-registered photos with your phone.

Relevant, Accurate, Authentic, and Original

CertifiedTrue ensure that your photos pass the bar for admissibility and can withstand any challenge.

Annotate photos, manage cases

CertifiedTrue makes notes and tags photos on location or at your desk - automatically going into the assigned client and case folders.

Securing Digital Integrity through Image verification

Our breakthrough PhotoProof image verification platform uses blockchain technology to capture, record, manage and verify digital photos so that the image and its provenance can be trusted. A CertifiedTrue image provides immutable evidence for a variety of applications across multiple industries.


Police Force

Insurance Carriers

Government Agencies

Law Firms


Real Estate

Use Cases

CertifiedTrue provides a secure method that captures, stores, and authenticates a digital photo..

Our proprietary process uses a hybrid of state-of-the-art encryption and blockchain technology. We answer the who? when? and where? of your data – we leave the why? up to you!

State And Local Government

Finance and Insurance

Health and Social Care

Real Estate, Renting, and Leasing

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CertifiedTrue is working and partnering with some of the world’s largest organizations