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New Technology for Businesses to Verify Digital Photos and Videos

Advances in technology have made it difficult to tell when a digital photo has been manipulated and that has led to an increase in fraud across multiple industries. CertifiedTrue is a startup trying to change that

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CEO Spotlight: CertifiedTrue CEO Stephen Graves on how the next wave of blockchain technology is going to impact business

Recently, a lot is being made of the Metaverse and Non Fungible Tokens, while the hype about how blockchain and decentralization will transform business

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The importance of image verification in a digital age

Since 2005, technology has advanced significantly, resulting in a massive increase in the use of social networks and mobile devices to capture and post digital photos and videos. This has also led to a lot of images being edited and re-used over time

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No More Open Source: Why Crypto Projects Abandon Github

The cryptosphere has historically had a consistent culture of open-source code. From the get-go, the cryptosphere has maintained a spirit of community development and integrity-by-collaboration.

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